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Thank you for visiting the all new Sleep Management Services of America website! We are a Sleep Center management program for hospitals nation wide with new or existing sleep centers. We are not an operating clinic. Our mission is to reach out to other hospitals, especially those whose programs are not reaching a maximum potential. We excel at developing custom strategies based on our comprehensive analysis to improve a sleep center.


The problem many hospitals face today is that owning a sleep clinic seems appears impractical due to the investment requirements of operating a sleep disorder testing center. Many hospitals don’t realize that having a successful sleep clinic located in their hospital can bring in recurring income and make their hospital a destination for people who suffer from sleep related issues. We’ve excelled at making Sleep Disorder Testing Centers a positive investment and added features to the overall services provided by the hospital or physician’s group.


Please check back in frequently to learn more about how our services have benefited other hospitals as well as learn what you can do to improve your sleep clinic. You can contact us at any time to get a free evaluation of your sleep care center.


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    We have assisted hospitals to improve their existing sleep centers. We streamlined the operating procedures while decreasing referrals to competing sleep testing centers. Please feel free to contact us so we can share our expertise with you.