About Sleep Management Services of America

About our sleep care management program

Our Mission: We will improve quality and output while increasing financial returns.

Sleep Management Services of America takes pride in their team that leads their corporate division.

After several successful years of owning and operating their private Sleep Care facility in Florida. For the past few years, a sleep care management program was created after being approached by a local hospital to improve their existing sleep care program. This program flourished under the leadership and supervision of what is today: Sleep Management Services of America, improving the quality and output while increasing financial returns. Sleep Management Services of America has built a reputation of restructuring and reforming sleep centers for hospitals or for physician owned groups transforming them into thriving centers where patients can expect to receive the best quality care and the best treatment modern medicine has to offer. Just recently, Sleep Management Services of America has expanded to offer their expertise to sleep centers throughout the United States.

We contribute much of our success to our management team, which has over fifty years combined experience in hospital management, financial and operational corporate consulting as well as project management. Our Team utilizes various methods and leadership styles to increase personal productivity and build an effective team for your sleep center to increase profits. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine’s accreditation outlines the gold standard by which the public and the medical industry can count on in the sleep industry. We have the hands on experience and skill set to guide hospitals and physician groups to the implementation of a more efficient sleep center. Sleep Center Management is what we are known for and what we specialize in.

Our management team has been a trusted consultant for several businesses in the hospital industry. We have been able to maximize the strengths of our leadership to enhance efficiencies. We have been able to credit five characteristics for our success: Partnerships, Competency, Consistency, Innovation, and Diversification. We feel confident that we can increase operating efficiency with the result of increased cash flow for your sleep center or help you to establish a sleep center that will add to your profit center arena.