Our Process | Sleep Management Services of America

Sleep Management Services of America offers comprehensive management and consultative services to hospitals and physician groups that are engaged in the practice of sleep medicine. The staff within our organization is dedicated to providing the best operating practices within this specialized form of sleep disorder testing.

Whether you have an existing Sleep Center or would like to expand into another operating center, Sleep Management Services of America can help. We have designed procedures to optimize cash flow for existing centers or start-ups.


For the existing or Start-Up Sleep Center our process would include:

  • Market Evaluation to determine demand (Start Ups Only)
  • Initial Evaluations of your processes and procedures
  • Set up Protocols, Procedures and Policies
  • Training and Education for Staff
  • Accreditation Assessment and Procedures


Compliance – State and Federal Regulations for Sleep Centers

Sleep Centers must comply with State and Federal Regulations. All staff members need to be trained on compliance issues as well as trained for ongoing integration and monitoring of the regulatory guidelines. To reduce fraud and abuse within the industry by of meeting and complying with all State and Federal regulatory guidelines is required.


Sleep Management Services of America assists with the following Compliance Services:

  1. Access and analyze your compliance plan.
  2. Education & training to implement your compliance plan.
  3. Implementation of financial regulations.
  4. Consulting with your compliance team.
  5. Screening steps for pre-employment.


To initiate the process of improving and increasing the cash flow of your current sleep center or to start a sleep center please contact us at 904-759-4061 or refer to our Contact Us page for further information.