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Benefits of our sleep care management program

Sleep Care Management Program

Hospitals are engaged in the care and treatment of patients. Improvements with respect to efficiency are examined on a daily basis. Partnering with consultants and other medical professionals and institutions have become very common along with outsourcing certain aspects of care. Whether addressing emergency room and trauma care or ambulance services medical centers are exploring various sources other than self-performance. Sleep Management Services of America has developed an agreement with a large health care provider within the Northeast Florida area that resulted in productivity and efficiency improvements that are recognized as impactful with regard to the expenses associated with operating a full-service sleep laboratory.

Sleep Management Services of America provides training, education, and support to increase productivity and decrease operating expenditures of a typical sleep laboratory. Sleep Management Services of America develops patient and provider satisfaction with efficiency goals that extend beyond the typical experience within the medical community.

The American Board of Sleep Medicine quotes on their website that “higher standards for sleep medicine, as well as sleep technology, translates into better care for patients and greater accountability”. Sleep Management Services of America will assist your sleep laboratory with the guidelines necessary to hold your clinics to a higher standard.

Sleep Management Services of America is a leader in the industry and possesses a comprehensive knowledge of sleep disorder testing. Sleep Management Services of America understands the practice of sleep medicine starting with a diagnosis to treatment solutions for patients. An expert in the accreditation process in both Joint Commission and AASM. This knowledge is the gateway to increase efficiencies for sleep laboratories both private and public. The nation’s largest and oldest organization for setting health standards and determining accreditation is the Joint Commission, a non-profit organization which was established in 1951 and certifies and evaluates almost 25,000 health programs and organizations.

Sleep Management Services of America will meet with the appropriate staff within a hospital or physician group to determine the ideal method to ensure that goals will be developed and attained with training, compliance and staff identification. By strategically partnering with Sleep Management Services of America an institution that is providing sleep disorder testing will experience gains in patient satisfaction while optimizing cash flow.

Hospitals choose us because:

1-on-1 training

We provide 1-on-1 training & education

We bring our expertise as the industry leaders of providing top quality sleep care services to your hospital sleep center and provide training and education to your staff.

sleep clinic office

We evaluate & improve your sleep clinic

We assess your sleep clinic’s overall looks and aesthetics and when needed make improvements that will benefit the patients overall experience and outcomes at your facility.

1-on-1 training

We improve your overall operating efficiency

The services that we provide have helped hospital sleep centers grow market share as well as optimize cash flow and develop patient loyalty.